Before starting your brew day, fill the HLT with the amount of sparge water needed for your batch of beer plus 2 gallons to account for lauter tun deadspace and added heating capacity

  1. Fill your HLT about 80% full (covering the HERMS coil) and fill your MT to the appropriate volume (be sure to take into account false bottom dead space and HERMS coil volume).
  2. Set your HLT controller to 2-3 degrees over your desired strike temp and turn on the HLT element(s) and pumps.
  3. Continue prepping for brew day.
  4. Once strike temp is reached, turn off the pumps and add grain to MT and stir thoroughly. Throttle back the valve after the pump to about 1/4 flow to prevent grain bed compaction and turn the pump back on
  5. Dial back you HLT temp to 2-3 degrees over your Mash temp
  6. Hold at your mash temp for the time prescribed in your recipe (you should be fully converted within 30mins due to the constant recirculating mash).
  7. Once complete, turn the pumps off and set up for sparge