Sometimes customers ask about using false bottoms in their boil kettle for separating hop material and hot break from the final wort.

Such hardware is not necessary for a boil kettle, instead use a whirlpool and our side dip tube! The whirlpool is the method by which a brewer, stirs their wort to create a steady swirl at the end of their boil. This causes all the hop/break material to move to the center of the pot. Once the swirling stops, the material then falls to the bottom of the kettle, creating a small mound in the center. Our side dip tube can then draw up wort away from this material, to get the most clean wort you can ask for! 

A whirlpool in home brew can be achieved in two ways!

  1. Attach a hose/pump to the drain port and recirculate the wort to another port on the side of the kettle about 4" up from the bottom of the tank. You can have a custom kettle made with this second 4" full NPT port. Attaching a side dip tube to the second port will help the wort flow in a vortex inside the kettle creating a great whirlpool. Should only take 5 minutes to recirculate, then 10 minutes to let everything settle.
  2. Use a big paddle to stir the mash for 5 minutes then let wort settle for 10 mins.