Our 2" drain port enables you to remove trub and yeast from the conical at the end of fermentation. After you have cold conditioned your beer for 2-3 days, simply open the port ever so slightly and let the material slowly push out. Collect in a sight glass or other homemade vessel. The light and frothy yeast can be repitched or saved for later use.

Some tips:

Go extremely slow opening the bottom butterfly valve else you may wear the sludge that could shoot out from your conical! Also, you don't want the cone of material to quickly collapse and allow beer to pass through

Sealing your conical with a little bit of pressure (~5psi) will help the yeast settle and something you should do when you cold crash anyway. This will also keep oxygen from moving back into the conical.

Cold crashing longer helps more materials fall out of suspension. Don't attempt to early! Also, feel free to do multiple harvests between each purge for added clarity in the conical.

Adding our TC x Barb cap and a hose can also save you from a mess. Have the hose route to a drain or container for harvest!