We recommend a full CIP of your conical before each use. Once clean, you can use the CIP ball to sanitize the whole conical and drain (no rinse sanitizer is preferred).  Seal up the conical after it is done being cleaned/sanitized/drained and attach your blow off hose to the 1.5" TC lid port, with the hose feeding into a bucket of sanitizer.

The most sanitary way to fill a conical is through the bottom 2" drain port. We recommend our 2" TC x Barb accessory and a silicone hose coming from your chiller, kettle or racking pump.

  • Once you are ready to fill the conical, open the 2" butterfly valve and start the flow of wort in the bottom drain.
  • Verify air is escaping from the blow off hose
  • FIll till the last of the wort is pulled from the kettle and/or your pump fills with air
  • Quickly close the bottom drain port
  • Remove the 2" TC x Barb accessory