An ‘Autotune’ needs to be performed prior to your first brew day. The PID will calibrate itself to give the most efficient and accurate heating. You only need to do this for your PID before your first brew and then it’ll be set.

To auto-tune, fill your kettle to about 75% full and bring your kettle to approximately 150 degrees. Once the PID is close to 150F turn on the pump to recirculate into the basket (see Step 2)

*Note: It is important to only have the pump at about ¼ flow which is the same flow you’ll use during the mash step.

Once this is done follow the steps below. The steps are also outlined in the video below

Auto-tuning Steps

  1. Press ‘Set’ and ‘<’ at the same time
  2. Press ‘^’ three times, then ‘< ‘once, then ‘^’ three times to get 0033. Press ‘Set’
  3. This will bring up FØØ
  4. Press ^ x2 to get FØ2 and hit set
  5. The screen will read ‘at’ (autotune) on top with ‘no’ in green at the bottom
  6. Press ‘^’ once to change from ‘no’ to ‘yes’
  7. Press "Set"
  8. Press ‘Set’ and ‘<’ at the same time
  9. ATU will blink on the bottom left of the screen showing autotune is in progress
    1. The autotune is complete when ATU stops blinking
  10. Autotuning will take about an hour as the PID makes adjustments