All Trio systems require a 4 wire 240v line to be installed.

System Size (Gallons) Type of PanelOutlet Type# of OutletsBreaker (Amps)


Single Batch NEMA 14-30130
10/15/20/30Double Batch 

NEMA 14-50

50Single BatchNEMA 14-50160
50Double Batch NEMA 14-50260 (x2)

  • The 10/15/20 and 30 gallon systems come with a single 5500 Watt element in the boil kettle and the hot liquor tank.
  • The 50 gallon systems come with 2x 5500 Watt elements in both the boil kettle and hot liquor tank.
  • Trio Systems are available in single phase only (no three phase design available)
  • NEMA 14-30 outlet (shown below)
    Leviton 30 Amp Industrial Flush Mount Shallow Single Outlet,  Black-R10-00278-S00 - The Home Depot
  • NEMA 14-50 outlet (shown below)
    Leviton 50 Amp Flush Mount Shallow Single Outlet, Black-R10-00279-S00 - The  Home Depot

*All electrical installations should be performed by a professional electrician. 

*We recommend a GFCI breaker for added protection.

*Installed breaker must support neutral.

*When shopping around be sure to confirm how many outlets are needed. Other systems require upwards of (4) 240v outlets, each of which can cost upwards of $750 each to install. 

*The 50A, back to back, panels draw an estimated 48 amps. A 50A breaker will work, but over time the draw can cause the breaker to fail, or trip randomly. The panels themselves have independent breakers inside them, so the larger 60A breaker is recommended, and provides protection for the wire in the wall going to the outlet.