Below are steps on how to start your second batch when using the double batch panel

1. Once you have added enough sparge water to your 1st mash, fill your HLT with water and turn on the heating element and recirculate through the water pump

2. After transferring the wort from the MT to the BK, empty the grains out of the MT and rinse it out.

3. Add your strike water volume to the MT and recirculate it through the HERMS coil with the wort pump

4. Mash in the second batch when you reach your strike temp.

5. Depending on the timing of the batches, you may need one of the pumps for whirlpooling and transferring wort to your fermenter. You can stop recirculating the HLT water and use the water pump for whirlpooling and transferring the 1st batch. Continue to recirculate the 2nd mash through the wort pump. After the transfer, reconnect the water pump to the HLT

6. If you do pump wort through the water pump, be sure to clean the pump at the end of the brew day